5-Day Recall-Furlough
Calculating Back Pay from Dismissal
Elimination of 365 Day Feature
Familiarization Broadcast-2014
Familiarization Pay-2002
Force Assignment Brakemen-2015
Conductor Promotion Training
Entry Rate Progression-1985
RCO - Final Document
Yard Meal Agreements Eastern Western Lines-2005
RSIA 2015
Force Assignment of Conductor
Ebb and Flow


Attendance Guidelines TYE
Road CA Codes
Special Claim CA Codes
Yard CA Codes
RTW from off-duty medical condition
Military Leave
Return to Service from furlough, arbitration etc.
Social Media Policy
Video Policy
FAQs for Drug and Alcohol Policy
Use of Drug and Alcohol General Notice

Claim Examples

Road Claim Examples
TSS Command List
Yard Claim Examples

Conductor Certification

Conductor Certification FAQ

Crew Consist

1981 CCA
1990 CCA
1992 CCA
Crew Consist Study Guide
Q&A 2nd Series 1992 CCA


Safety of Remote Control Locomotive Operations
FRA Letter Regarding Use of Utility Employees
Blue Flag Protection
Electronic Equipment
Noise Final Rule

Furlough Information

Elimination of 365 Day Feature
Off in Force - Junior Man
Recall from Furlough Understanding 2009
Return to Service
5 day Recall
2016 Furlough/Recall Agreement

ID Agreements

329 Award Vaughn Run-thru
Amarillo - Belen PLB 6824 AW 1
Amarillo-Enid II
Ark City Short Pool Agreement
Boise City Run-thru
Chillicothe Run-thru
Dodge City Run-thru
Emporia Run-thru
Las Vegas ID
Marceline Run-Thru
North Loop
Purcell Run-thru
South Loop
Wyanoka Run-thru

Local Chairman Contact Information

Local Chairman Contact Information

National Agreements

1972 UTU National Agreement
1972 Q&A National Agreement
1973 UTU National Agreement
1975 UTU National Agreement
1978 UTU National Agreement
1978 UTU National Agreement Q&A Part I
1978 UTU National Agreement Q&A Part II
1982 UTU National Agreement
1985 UTU National Agreement & Q&A
1985 Kasher-Peterson Award
1991 PEB 219
1996 UTU National Agreement & Q&A
2002 UTU National Agreement
2002 UTU National Synospis & Q&A
2003 Health & Welfare Agreement
2008 UTU National Agreement
2011 UTU National Agreement
2017 National Agreement

PLD Progression

PLD Progression

Railway Labor Act

Railway Labor Act

Rates of Pay

Meal Compensation for New Hire Trainees
Meal Compensation for LETP
Eastern Western Lines Yard Rate Table
Kansas City Yard Rate Table
Conductor Brakemen Rates of Pay 070117
Trip Rates 070117

Remote Control

Remote Control Training
Remote Control Award
Remote Control Final Document


Collective Bargaining Procedures
Fringe Benefits


Amarillo Yardmen Schedule
Eastern Western Lines Yardmen Schedule
Kansas City Yard Schedule
Road Schedule

Time Limits

Amarillo Yard Schedule
Discipline Road EW Lines
Discipline Yard EW Lines
KC Consolidated Yards

Vacation Agreements

7 Day Fill
Noon Mark-Up
Operating Vacation Synthesis
Vacation Formula