Did You See A Change In Tax Liability?

Ahead of the 2020 tax season, SMART is gathering detailed information on how the tax changes signed into law in December 2017 have been affecting our members. Under that plan, which went into effect for tax year 2018, one key change was the elimination of nearly all formerly allowable deductions for unreimbursed employee expenses. That…

January 9th 2020
SMART 2nd Constitution & Ritual Now Available

        The SMART Constitution and Ritual was passed by delegates at the 2nd SMART General Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. Please click on the image to the left or here to view a copy of the document.

January 3rd 2020
TD legislative representatives take oaths, assume roles

Beginning January 1st, 2020, more than 500 duly elected Legislative Representatives will take their oath of office to serve our great Organization. They have chosen to faithfully serve their membership as SMART-TD officers in the areas of workplace safety, legislation, public representation and retirement issues. K.O. Edwards is chair of the Association of State Legislative…

January 2nd 2020
Financial acquisitions of G&W, Central Maine & Quebec completed

Just before the start of the new year, deals that resulted in the Genesee & Wyoming (G&W) and the Central Maine & Quebec (CM&Q) changing hands were finalized. The Surface Transportation Board in November cleared the way for Brookfield Asset Management and GIC, a Singapore wealth fund, to acquire Genesee & Wyoming, which controls Class…

Memorial fund established for Local 1386 member

The family of Brother Curtis C. McConihay has established a memorial fund for his two daughters. McConihay McConihay, 32, of Local 1386 (Parkersburg, W.Va.), was killed in an accident on CSX property in Washington, W.Va., on Dec. 14. He was a U.S. Marine veteran and lived in Southside, W.Va., with his wife, Megan, and their…

December 27th 2019
Palmetto GBA: In 2020, RR Medicare ID requirements change

A message from Palmetto GBA: Whether you’re new to Railroad Medicare or starting a new year with Railroad Medicare, it’s important to know about the change to how Medicare identifies you. In 2020, Medicare providers must use your new Medicare number. The old Social Security-based number can no longer be used for claims filing, no…

December 26th 2019